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The session begins in a luxurious zero gravity lounger, cocooned in warm weighted pillows. The body is connected with sound generators that deliver dynamic low frequencies to areas that include the feet, legs, hips, hands, neck, spine and chest. As the session unfolds the body is moved into a range of positions to create a sense of floating and stretching. 

Vibroacoustic therapy uses sound to produce mechanical vibrations that resonate through the body, causing physiological and psychological effects. The full spectrum of sound is both heard and felt, which calms the nervous system and promotes deep relaxation. The Sensorium allows you to experience the most profound effects of music on your body and mind. ~ Andrew Weil, M.D.

Kep Taiz  is an inventor, artist, musician and pioneer in the field of sensory therapy. His intrigue with heightened states of awareness led to the creation of the Sensorium. The apparatus and service has been endorsed by Andrew Weil  M.D, featured in the Wall Street Journal, De Young Fine Arts Museum and offered as a spa service for Miraval resort. He has led art workshops for the Tucson Museum Of Art,  juvenile detention centers, and for world renowned Canyon Ranch resort. He has developed speialized sensory stimulating activities for groups and offers sessions called Sensory Circles for the Hacienda At The River  Memeory Care & Rehabilitation.



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