What is it? An all-sense encompassing relaxation / therapeutic mind trip. You’re hooked up on this 23rd century space table with noise cancelling headphones, LED lights that morph and pulse through your closed eyelids, vibration pads built into the table that sync to the sound. It’s the opposite of a sensory deprivation chamber. You’re in this little chamber of light and sound and sensation that totally transports you. It’s like going through a wormhole into the 12th dimension, like the love child of a planetarium and an out of body experience and an acid trip and a laser show and an alien abduction, but all in your head. No chemicals required. And as you’re bombarded with all these sensory inputs, your brain works to make coherence of it all and creates some amazing scenes out of the stimuli. I melded with blades of grass and quantum computing chips and that scene at the end of Last Temptation of Christ when Willem Dafoe says “It is Accomplished” and the cacophony kicks in. It’s hard to convey but 1000% worth it.

~ Dominic Bonuccelli


My session with Kep can be summed up with one word, transformative.  I feel a level of enlightenment at what I witnessed in my session and a renewal of my mind, body, and soul.  What Kep has created is deeply grounding and transcendent, two things I had yet to experience at once until my session.  Overall, I felt a deepening union with my body and the multitude layers of awareness and consciousness that exist.  The vibrational therapy truly felt cleansing at every level (bone, muscle, lymph, and energetic field). It has been over 2 weeks and I can still feel the lingering effects it has imprinted on my system.  I feel calmer and more connected and am looking forward to how this experience will continue to ripple out into the future.

 ~ Ann Hardgrove

 The Sensorium lets you soar over waterfalls and meditate in a sunflower field. The hand-selected music, instrumental and epic, transports you to a different place and time. I felt invigorated and yet at peace during my healing session. The vibroacoustics are a chakra alignment and the session a sweet meditative experience. Words don’t do the Sensorium justice because it is an experiential journey. In a time of one-dimensional screens and technology it’s a much needed space that reconnects us with our senses, nature, and higher self. 

~ Michelle Martin


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