Custom sensory immersion sessions to benefit sleep, promote relaxation of the nervous system and to aid in the alleviation of pain. Each session is designed to achieve results through the use of specific healing frequencies and essential oils as well as light therapy and thermotherapy.


 Drift into  deep relaxation with lulling alpha state inducing melodic tones, wafting scents and tastes such as lavender and chamomile essences. Calming colors and patterns of light further induce brainwave states for sleeping .

SENSORIUM for Stress

Feel your body release tension with a cellular sigh. The nervous system is the main focus of this journey. Whether you are experiencing stress due to the body’s memory of trauma over time or due to daily lifestyle stressors, the sounds, scents, colors and sensations will gently guide you on your way to a place of renewal.  


The senses are doorways of experience. They allow us to feel signals from our body in the form of pain sensations and they also allow us to receive the palliative effects of external sources. Corporally resonant vibrations, the intelligence of essential plant oils and hydrosols, thermotherapy and healing light elegantly work together to nurture you and to bring you relief.

          Session Pricing

        Sessions: 90 min-$ 150



 Three 90 min-$ 375


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