Introduction Session

This process is recomended for people who have not yet expereinced the Sensorium and for those who may be dealing with trauma and PTSD. We will gradually introduce the different sensory stimulus and determine the intensity and variety of elements that are optimum for you in a follow up session.

 35 minutes


Full Immersion

In this session customized for you we will slowly build the intensity of sensory stimulus into a climactic combination. Expereince the full power of vibration and total immersion of the senses.


50 minutes


Package Series

Guided meditations and other techniques will be included in this package to help individials in personal developement. The beneficial effects of cumulative immersion make it possible to achieve new ways of being. Recieve 5 sessions (90 minutes) for $180 each

450 minutes


Please contact Kep Taiz by phone or text to set up your session. Appointment times are available between 8am and 5pm on Sundays, Wednesdays and  Fridays. 520.222.5462