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sen-so-rium : refers to the sum of an organism’s perception, the “seat of sensation” where it experiences and interprets the environments within which it lives.

A synthesis of technology and technique which present a breakthrough approach to expanding consciousness.


Deep Relaxation ~ Adventure ~ Insight 

SENSORIUM works by using an integrative approach which engages multiple senses simultaneously. It provides stimulating, synchronized input to the eyes, ears, skin, and deeper tissues using a well-tuned combination of light, sound, scent, vibration and movement. In doing so, it promotes a level of relaxation unprecedented in a therapeutic modality. Decades of research have produced a system that can provide a drugless, effortless way to have experiences comparable to the edge of the psychedelic and the ecstatic realms of the spiritual.




SENSORIUM offers you the chance to slide out of your thought-traps and into your body, which has missed you. It presents the opportunity to remember who you are outside your coping mechanisms. It is equal parts time machine, spaceship, and psychic laundromat. You will be offered a customizable experience, guided through it by compassionate professionals, and given the chance to record your impressions for posterity and reflection. The experience takes the distracting barriers away from meditation, facilitating introspection and an inner journey that leads you back to truths about yourself.

The time for this journey is now, You’ll be amazed by the places SENSORIUM takes you.

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