In 2004 founder Kep Taiz was investigating techniques for relaxation and mindfulness through sensory awareness in everyday tasks. As a person struggling with anxiety who wanted to avoid pharmacological treatments he sought out ways to develop mindfulness and heightened awareness as a method for coping with stress. A wilderness enthusiast raised in Arizona, Taiz has a fascination with lightning and the sense of awe felt while immersed in the sound, light and smells of a desert thunderstorm. Using technology and innovative engineering Taiz began creating an experience that simulates storms and other environmental atmospheres. The sensory rich sensations engage make it possible to access the physical, emotional and mental states of awareness through the awe inspiring forces of nature.



Combing the pinnacle of audio and light technology with a passion for ergonomics Taiz worked for over fifteen years to pioneer new sensory stimulation techniques and build a machine that could transmit powerful music driven vibration to the entire body and reproduce and even magnify   sensations  experienced while in mountains, desert, jungle and ocean. 


The Sensorium and it was first launched at world renowned Miraval Resort where its profound effects on people quickly became recognized as an integral part of mindfulness training. After working with hundreds of individuals in different settings Taiz recognized that people most affected by sensory immersion were those struggling with PTS,  addiction, pain and sleep disorders.




MISSION : Provide immersive experiences that connect people with nature and themselves through heightened awareness and deep relaxation. 

Kep Taiz  is an inventor, artist, musician and pioneer in the field of sensory therapy. His intrigue with heightened states of awareness led to the creation of the Sensorium. The apparatus and service has been endorsed by Andrew Weil  M.D, featured in the Wall Street Journal, De Young Fine Arts Museum and offered as a spa service for Miraval resort. He has led art workshops for the Tucson Museum Of Art,  juvenile detention centers, and for world renowned Canyon Ranch resort. He has developed speialized sensory stimulating activities for groups and offers sessions called Sensory Circles for the Hacienda At The River  Memeory Care & Rehabilitation.

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