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A natural high with vibration, sound, color and aroma.  

Your session in the sensorium begins in a luxurious zero-gravity lounger where you will be cocooned in warm, weighted pillows. The body is then connected with sound generators that deliver dynamic frequency sound and soft pressure to the feet, legs, hips, hands, neck, spine, and chest. As the session unfolds, the body is moved into a range of positions to create a sense of expansion. The unique, dream-like state it often induces can be powerfully healing and revelatory. Clients have reported sensations of floating and flying and have described their experiences in the Sensorium as exhilarating and deeply relaxing. Our unique technology and the one-of-a-kind experience it fosters has the potential to lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, calm the central nervous system and stimulate creativity and clarity of mind.

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Senses stimulated in Sensorium experience.